Glenn "Gizmo" Shellesky

It is with mixed feelings of both sadness and heavy hearts as on behalf of Bondslaves Winnipeg we announce the unexpected passing of our longest serving brother Glenn "Gizmo" Shellesky. The "Giz" had been around with the Bondslaves MC since 1998 and has been a loyal and proud serving member all the way to the very end. He was a die hard rider who was very committed to both his club and his church family. There are many great things that can be said about him but that will be saved for his celebration of life. (Details to follow) My dear brother, you were a pillar of dedication, determination and commitment as well as a compassionate, caring and non-judgmental person. I will miss you as we move forward...just like you would want us too. Love you brother and I am grateful I was able to tell you that in person many times! See you on the other side in paradise! GBNF " ....we would rather be away from these earthly bodies, for then we will be at home with the Lord." 2 Corinthians 5:8

- Kevin "Qtip" Kisilowsky 

It's been about a week since Qtip called me to tell me my friend was not here anymore. I'm still thinking about that.  
My friend had a name. Glen Shellesky. But I named him Gismo. It was 1998 at a restaurant at St John and Main. We called it the Oil Can Cafe. He came because he heard that is where some Christian bikers where. Gismo is the most unusual person and biker I ever knew. He loved machines. And he showed Jesus by his humility and constant quite demeanor. If you didn't like Gismo, you didn't know him nor the Lord of his life. I'll miss Gismo for a long time yet. When you say good bye to a brother, you always think you will see him again. Then you lose him. You lose a brother. There are those who call you brother, but this man was a real brother. A brother like Gismo is rare. Can we ever be one? Can we ever measure up to being a brother like him?  
The next time I see a man walking through a room of people leaking humility and saying hello to each person and shaking hands, I'll think of a brother, Gismo. Man, I miss this brother and I'll try to be like him.  

- Chuck Sheridan

Denis "Horse" Chaput